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Hey! I am Colleen

From a young age, I knew that I was destined to work in education. A part of my family is American, so
I grew up speaking the English language. Already as a teenager, I developed a passion for America and its language. When my family went back to America, I decided to study the language. I studied to become a "Certified Foreign Language Correspondent in English" and then passed the state exam. During my studies, I started to teach in a language school and so I learned simultaneously. In my opinion, the best way to learn a language as its best is by speaking and studying. 


My motivation is my passion. I love teaching English. Education is very important and I myself always want to keep learning. I like nothing more than to share my knowledge and help others. Furthermore,
I am always happy to meet new people.


I am an open-minded, friendly, positive, and loyal person. I care about the well-being of every person.
I respond to needs and I am always authentic, emphatic, and thoughtful. In addition, it is very important to treat others with respect.

I consider myself to be an efficient and reliable worker. Moreover, my positive attitude and strong
work ethic characterizes me as being team-oriented, and well-organized and I am able to handle challenging tasks in my working environment.

Other than that, my hobbies are going to the gym, reading, and drawing. I love spending time with my family and friends and to spend time outside in Summer. I also love watching movies and going to the cinema. Being creative and DIY projects are also my favorite activities.

What type of teacher I am …

I am the nurturer! 

The best way to think about this style is by thinking about a parent – I put my student's needs first, focusing on each individual, rather than on myself. I want to liberate my learners from formal, institutional or strict teaching settings. Rather than strict traditional educational approaches, I like to actively involve my students in the teaching and learning process. 

I choose tasks such as projects and group discussions and use visual aids to get instructions and information across. I empathize, motivate, listen carefully, encourage reflection, as well as offer much support and guidance to all of my students. 

Experience is the best teacher


#Photo by Lisa Schmorenz

It´s a beautiful thing when career and passion come together!

Professional experience                  as a language trainer

´Design your life with
passionate learning´


LTC Language Training Center / since 2017

English group courses for trainees at the company (In-house courses)
Business English group courses for adults at the company (In-house courses)


Trainers are not only responsible for motivating participants but must ensure to impart skills as well. The preparation of lessons includes the definition of the topic, the conception of the entire series of lessons, the planning of the individual lesson as well as the selection of the appropriate teaching methods and course material. Ensuring that students learn the material is the most important task for a trainer. The aim is to develop suitable examination tasks and prepare the participants for the examination.  Trainers also have the task of advising and coaching the participants. A course leader is always in demand as an organizer. This includes the duties of maintaining participant lists and writing reports.


BLC - Business Language Center / since 2017

Business English crash courses for adults


Business English crash courses focus on teaching the most important and necessary business areas in the agreed period of time. Course content, organization and structure of the lessons are adjusted to the needs and working material is selected.


Tutoring institution / since 2016

Tutoring for students of all school types and school year levels
Test & Exam preparation


English lessons to support and assist in learning and understanding the subject matter at school. Coordinated topics according to the curriculum are used to develop and help with the students' weaknesses. Furthermore, assistance with homework is an important point. Exam preparation for final year students and preparation for tests are also part of my duties. 


Adult Education Center/Community College / since 2016

English courses for adults, beginners, intermediates, refresher and advanced speakers

Business English courses for adults

Examination assistance

Language trainers have the task of advising and coaching the participants. In addition to motivating participants, helping to impart skills is fundamental. The preparation of lessons includes the definition of the topic, the conception of the entire series of lessons, the planning of the individual lesson as well as the selection of teaching materials. This includes the following duties: Organization, maintaining participant lists and writing reports. Assistance at examinations of the participants belong to additional tasks.



Self-employed  / since 2013

Elementary school
Students from 5th to 13th grade


Test & Exam preparation
Adult education




´English education

is a gate of opportunities´

Screenshot 2022-01-06 185546.jpg


State examination / Chamber of Commerce and Industry / August 2016

I took part in the examination for the recognized degree Certified Foreign Language Correspondent for the foreign language English and I passed the examination in accordance with the degree of the examination for the recognized degree Certified Foreign Language Correspondent for the English language.


Distance learning program / University / 2012 to 2014

I took part in the distance learning program ´Certified Bilingual Secretary in English´ approved by the National Agency for Distance Education in the period from 2012, November 8th to 2014, February 2nd.


I successfully completed the course of studies and submitted work for assessment

in the following area:

  • General language learning area -
    Grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening comprehension,
    speaking and writing skills

  • Business-related learning area -
    Commercial English (Business English)

  • English business administration and commercial studies
    in American English and British English

  • Translations of business-related texts

This qualification documents the acquisition of high level English skills and is regarded as proof of sufficient preparation for the examination of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


The assessed work was awarded with the final grade --good--.


From 2017 to 2020

  • Digital administration, communication and organization of every day school life

  • Teaching English in digital age

  • Funny ways to teach grammar

  • Tips and tricks with texts

Letter of

´The only real limitation on your abilities is the level of your desires. If you want it badly enough, there are no limits on what you can achieve´

It´s not about raising well-adjusted children.
It´s about raising deeply confident and smart children who have the courage to learn and pursue things dear to their hearts! 

Ordentlicher Schreibtisch

Contact me & let´s get started ...

As a professional language trainer, it is important to me that we get along well and that you feel comfortable. You can take a closer look at my background on the ´About me´ page. Take a look at my academic and professional experience and you will see that I can help you with my education services.

We will work together to find out your needs and I will develop an individual teaching program.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am happy to receive any inquiry.

Thank you very much for your message.

I will get back to you soon.

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